Halau Hula Ka'Uhane O Ka Pakipika

Hawaiian DancersThe Kauhane Performance Group is renowned for it's fabulous shows featuring award-winning Polynesian dancers. The Kauhane Polynesian Dance School is proud to offer classes in Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori and other Polynesian island dance, with the main focus of teaching in Hawaiian. Teaching is in both kahiko (ancient) and 'auana (modern) styles of dance. Students learn language, culture, and history as an integral part of their dance lessons.

Come experience this beautiful dance form which has been practiced for hundreds of years throughout the Pacific Islands.

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Kumu Paddy Kauhane
Halau Hula Ka’Uhane O Ka Pakipika
The Spirit of the Pacific Cultural Society
Polynesian Dance School and Performance Group
Mailing address: 7701 Horne St. Mission, BC V2V 3Y8

Kauhane School of Polynesian Dance

Our Kumu

Paddy Wailanikaleihulumamo Kauhane was born in Honolulu, Oahu, and started dancing as a very young child. "My brother, sister and I were extremely fortunate to have grown up with our Uncle, Eddie Kahea Beckley, who taught us that being Hawaiian was special. It was through him that we fostered our love of our culture. Music, dance, talking story, lessons in history, food, and language, were a part of our lives. We didn’t fully appreciate how valuable his lessons were until he passed away. We consider it our kuleana (responsibility) to carry on the traditions that he cared so much to share with us. I share those same lessons and traditions with the students in my school." Aunty PaddyAfter moving to Canada, Paddy continued her lessons in dance with Kalaya Nelson, a former student of Aunty Maiki Aiu Lake. Aunty Kalaya today continues to teach in her school in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Paddy currently studies under Blaine Kamalani Kia, Kumu Hula and Director of the Lauakea Foundation. Kumu Kamalani gifted Paddy with her Hawaiian name, Wailanikaleihulumamo, which means "heavenly waters of the adorned Honeycreeper

Paddy and students of the halau continue to foster their learning by attending workshops in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and of course, Hawai'i, where they are honoured to learn from the most renowned hula and language masters today.

Since its inception in 1999, Halau Hula Ka'Uhane O Ka Pakipika has grown to nearly 150 haumana (students), ranging in age from 2.5 years to 70+, and is the largest Polynesian dance school in Canada. The school is the proud recipient of the Top Polynesian Group award from the Pacific West Performing Arts Festival for many years. The school performs regularly throughout the year at private and commercial venues and continues to travel and learn throughout Canada and the US, including Hawaii. The students are proud to have entertained crowds at the Pacific National Exhibition (Vancouver), Germaine’s Luau (Oahu, Hawaii), Sheraton Waikiki (Oahu, Hawaii) and many, many more community and private events.
Classes are offered for beginner to advanced levels, and for ages preschool to adult. See the Class Schedule for details.

Kauhane School of Polynesian Dance Kumu Blaine Kamalani Kia

Our Kumu’s Kumu

Born in Honolulu, Kumu Blaine Kamalani Kia has studied under some of the most respected and disciplined kumu hulas: John Keoni Martin, Darrell Lupenui, and John Kaimikaua. Seeing "The stirring of emotions and incredible joy in the face of a dedicated haumana performing the Hawaiian poetry of dance", is what inspires him. Kumu Kamalani currently receives guidance in hula, and spirituality, from his studies under Kumu Hula Frank Kawaikapu Hewett, of whom he credits with teaching him the meaning of compassion. He humbly attributes his success as a kumu hula to knowing his place in life.

Being successful "requires a balance of knowing my place in life, not only as a kumu, but also as a father, brother, uncle, husband, and son. I am a human being first, before any label or title is placed upon me, before I take on any another role. Knowing my place in all aspects of my life allows me to be myself, without ever having to give up my identity."

Kauhane School of Polynesian Dance Melanie Kulana Hoo-Fatt


Melanie Kulana Hoo-Fatt - Hula has become a part of her life and a part of her way of living. Her role as teacher and halau leader is a position she is humbled by and she is dedicated in perpetuating the true traditions of the Hawaiian culture. Dancing will always be a driving force in her journey. In 2010, she accomplished one of her biggest dreams of competing and performing in Hawai'i for the first time. At the World Invitational Hula Festival on O'ahu, she won the EMMA KAPI'OLANI SHARPE award for top visiting dancer in hula and language. She was blessed to have her fellow hula sisters there along with her family from eastern Canada to witness her accomplishments. She hopes this is only the beginning of a blessed life embraced by hula. Melanie/Kulana continues to attend many hula workshops in Portland, Sacramento, Honolulu and Kaua'i. She is honoured to have learned from the likes of Na Kumu Hula Blaine Kia, Maelia Lobenstein-Carter, Robert Cazimero, Manu Boyd, Vicky Takumine Holt, Maka Herrod and Sonny Ching just to name a few.

Although a busy Optometrist by day, she continually keeps immersing herself in all that is hula and aloha.

Kauhane School of Polynesian Dance Robyn

Alaka’i Nui

Robyn Batycki Chambers (Maori and Tahitian) began dancing at 2 ½ years old in order to keep up with her two big sisters and her mom. Her dance training includes Hawaiian, Tahitian, Spanish, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Square and Round Dancing and Clogging. She loves sharing her knowledge with others and wishes there were more workshops and resources for these types of dances. Robyn loves how dancing with the Kauhane School has enabled her to rekindle ties from her childhood as well as create new ties for her own children.